Terms and Conditions


1) Prices are subject to change without notice. The price charged for all goods will normally be that ruling at the date of acceptance of the order.
2) Quotations are valid for the period stated and represent no obligation until the seller accepts the buyer's order and subject to the goods being available at the time requested.
3) Delivery periods are estimated and the seller shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for failure to deliver on time.
4) Purchasers outside South Africa are responsible at their expense for obtaining an import license if so required to do so by the authority of their country.


1) All goods are purchased on a 14 day money back guarantee starting from date of delivery.
2) Payment shall be made in advance to obtain the goods.
3) Exports shall be paid for in advance before the shipping date.
4) Whilst the responsibility for safe keeping passes to the purchaser upon receipt of any goods all goods shall remain the property of the seller until full payment is received by the seller.


1) The seller reserves the right at its discretion to supply goods of substantially the same quality or better than those described.
2) The seller accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of data or descriptions of goods in the catalogue or other literature supplied by the seller in contract tort or otherwise or for any damage or injuries or deaths arising directly or indirectly from any errors or omissions.


The seller gives the guarantee as given by the manufacturer of the goods. Goods can only be returned if proven by design or workmanship within three months of the purchase date for refund or repair at the seller's discretion provided that the goods have been stored used and maintained within the manufacturers' specified conditions. Goods used for experiments innovations or evaluations shall not be covered by guarantee. Suggestions and equivalents given in literature and by staff of the seller although given in good faith should be carefully checked for suitability by the buyer as the seller accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any purchase made as a result of unsuitability. Goods manufactured by Jean Riëtte are covered for 24 months subject to the above conditions except for valve or tube failures which are covered for 3 months or according to the valve or tube manufacturers own warranty.


Shortages or non delivery must be made known to the seller within ten days of receipt. Damages as a result of shipping shall be made known to the seller immediately upon receipt. All reasonable attempt will be made by the seller to dispatch goods as quickly as possible but shall not be responsible for causes outside the seller's control such as acts of God, fire, floods, war, riots, civil disturbances, government acts, strikes, industrial actions, non availability of goods, or failure of any sub-contractor.


The seller shall not be liable in contract tort or otherwise for loss or damage however caused and suffered arising out of or in connection with defects in goods supplied other than the replacement or repair or refund of the goods involved.


Other than by express agreement by the seller goods shall not be cancelled or returned at the buyer's pleasure.

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